Developing a great life sometimes takes a village.  Life can get hard at times, and that is okay.  But when it stays hard indefinitely, it begins to wear us down and change who we are.  Most of the people I see are highly intelligent, successful people who know that seeking professional support can greatly enhance their quality of life while working through the hard spots in life.

Specializing in

Anxiety        Mood Management       Relationships      &      Food

Fully licensed mental health professional.  Modern empirically proven approaches.  Good Stuff.

Our Services

Women's Package - ​Change your life 9 month program 

mental Health - Couples Sessions

Helping you create a better life as you define it.

Mental Health - Individual Sessions

Couple Sessions are completely confidential and help resolve conflict to create a more satisfying relationship.

This group is an upbeat, and energized nutrition group.  If you've had the resolution every year to get healthy, but seem to struggle, this group is for you.  We believe that making the process more fun creates long lasting success. Come learn nutrition basics with us.  Let the adventures in health begin! 

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This 9 month program is designed for women who are committed to changing their lives for the better and are willing to invest in themselves to make that happen. There are only 3 slots available every year and this program has a short application to join.   

Food Adventure Groups

Individual Sessions are completely confidential and provide one on one counseling to help improve quality of life.